Schedule 1 - 1derful Google Pay terms and conditions

Date: 23 September 2021 


These 1derful Google Pay Terms and Conditions (set out in Schedule 3 of your 1derful Terms), the 1derful Terms comprising the 1derful App Terms and Conditions, 1derful Pay Now Pay Later Product Terms and Conditions and 1deful Privacy Policy (all available through your 1derful App), together with any additional terms and conditions we introduce relating to products or services we offer you, which you accept, from time to time, govern your use of your 1derful Virtual Card with Google Pay.  


By adding your Eligible Card to Google Pay you agree to these 1derful Google Pay Terms and Conditions, the Google Payment Australia Pty Ltd Product Disclosure Statement and the Google Pay Terms of Service. 

Capitalised terms in this Schedule have the meaning set out in Schedule 5 of the 1derful Terms.  

1. Adding and using your Virtual Card to Google Pay 

You can choose to add your Virtual Card to Google Pay on supported devices.  

We will take steps to verify you before provisioning the Virtual Card to your Google Pay wallet.  For example, we may send a text message to your mobile number with a verification code or request that you verify your identity in the Platform.  You must ensure that we have your correct mobile number in order to receive the verification code via text message. 

Once you have been verified and your Virtual Card has been added to Google Pay, you may process Orders with Google Pay in accordance with the 1derful Terms, including these 1derful Google Pay Terms up to your available Account Limit.  To complete a Google Pay transaction, you must follow any relevant instructions, for example, you may be required to enter your PIN into the Retailer's payments terminal or enter your mobile phone security credentials (e.g., PIN, passcode or biometric identifier) on supported devices. All Orders made through Google Pay are subject to the 1derful Terms, including, the 1derful Google Pay Terms and Conditions.   

When you use Google Pay, you are accessing your Account and instructing us (i) to deduct the Order from the Available Balance in your Account and (ii) to fulfil the Order in accordance with the Pay Now Service or Pay Later Service selected by you on our Platform.  You should always ensure the amount of the Order is correct before completing the Order, as you will be liable for the full amount once the Order is complete.  All Orders made using Google Pay will be processed as a contactless 'credit' transaction.  

You can unlink your Virtual Card from Google Pay by following the instructions on the Google Pay website or Google Pay wallet. 

Google Pay is not provided by 1derful and we are not liable for the use, functionality or availability of Google Pay, or any failure or refusal of Retailers to process transactions using Google Pay.  


2. Disclosure of information  

We may exchange information about you with Google and MasterCard in order for you to add your Virtual Card to Google Pay and to facilitate Orders you make using your Virtual Card. 1derful’s Privacy Policy (located in Schedule 7 of the 1derful Terms) is incorporated into this Agreement and contains information about our collection and handling of your personal information. If you do not agree to this collection, use and disclosure of information, you should not register your Virtual Card for use in Google Pay.  

3. Security requirements 

It is your responsibility to secure your supported Device on which the Virtual Card has been registered.  This includes ensuring that: 

  • you always lock your Device and do not leave it unattended; 

  • assign a Device Passcode to protect your Device; 

  • keep Device Passcodes secret and secure, do not choose ones that are easily guessed or linked to you (e.g. your date of birth), and not shared them with another person; 

  • remove any other registered biometric identifier (such as your fingerprints) which is not your own from your Device; and 

  • when you lose or dispose of your Device, make sure you unlink your Virtual Card from it.  

If you fail to comply with any of the above requirements, you are taken to have made any Orders using Google Pay and you are responsible for the use of your Virtual Card.  

For additional security, consider enabling or installing remote wipe functionality in the event your Device is lost or stolen. 

You must inform us immediately if you suspect your Virtual Card has been used without your permission or that someone may have access to your Device or know your security credentials or your Device has been lost or stolen.  

If your Device is lost or stolen, we strongly recommend that you immediately unlink your Virtual Card from Google Pay.  Instructions to unlink your Virtual Card are available on the 1derful website, the Google Pay website and the Google Pay app. 

4. Access to your Virtual Card in Google Pay 

We may deny, suspend or terminate your use of the Virtual Card with Google Pay without notice at any time to protect our legitimate interests, including the following:  

  • if your Account is locked or closed; 

  • if you do not have an Available Balance in your Account;  

  • we reasonably believe it will protect you or us from fraud or other loss or for any other security purpose; 

  • if we are directed to by Google or MasterCard;  

  • you ask us to suspend or close the Account or Virtual Card; 

  • we suspend or terminate our arrangements with Google; 

  • we terminate our Virtual Card programme; 

  • where we have reasonable grounds to believe that there is a breach of the law or regulation of Australia or any other country or we are required to by a regulatory body; or  

  • if in our reasonable opinion it is necessary.  


Important Information  

Please read these 1derful Google pay Terms and Conditions before making a decision and consider if it is right for you. To use Google Pay you will need to use a compatible device with a supported operating system. 

An internet connection may be needed to make purchases using Google Pay and normal mobile data charges apply. 


Google and Google Pay are trademarks of Google Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.