Digital First, Scalable and Secure.
We provide a modern, cloud-based platform ready for use-case driven, configurable and
scalable payment solutions without legacy constraints.

Our Solutions.

We provide the building blocks to create a complete, tailored card program
that meets both your customer and business needs.
Mobile App
1derful can design and build a bespoke mobile app to house your payment solution, which is consistent with your brand and customer experience, or integrate into your existing product and technology.
BIN Sponsorship and Card Issuance
Take advantage of 1derful’s Principal Membership and Digital First Certification with Mastercard® and instantly issue Credit, Debit, Prepaid, Gift, Instalment and Hybrid cards to both consumer and corporate customers.
Rewards and Loyalty
Deliver an integrated customer experience through a single app which facilitates your rewards program - or let 1derful create a rewards program for you.
Digital Services
Instant virtual card issuance for use with Apple, Google and Samsung digital wallets, plus card tokenisation, donations and carbon offset features. 1derful will manage as much of the customer support lifecycle as you require.
Credit Services
Real-time credit decisioning that is fluid and configurable to suit your product and your customers. 1derful also offers ongoing risk management, portfolio funding, collections, and credit analytics and insights.
Digital Payment Solutions
Real time payment services both incoming and outgoing using NPP as well as traditional payment methods such as direct debit, credit cards and BPay along with virtual account and sub-account structures.
Core Ledger and API Integration
Bank-grade core ledger system developed in the cloud supported by a library of REST APIs enabling easy, quick integration and giving you direct access to your customers information.
Data Insights
1derful provides enriched transaction and data into spending behaviours, including carbon footprint available, ensuring you and your customers have the key information they need.
Security and Compliance
Real time fraud transaction monitoring and device security including biometrics with PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001 pending.

Fast, scalable technology.

1derful’s lean 'as a service' infrastructure is deployable globally at speed, without needing to be a bank.

Principal Mastercard® Membership

1derful has one of the deepest integrations with Mastercard's own technology solutions across APAC, providing a wide range of services that cover onboarding, rewards, open banking, digital payments, fraud monitoring, account management and sustainability.


With our modular approach, you can specify exactly what you are looking for and create the product you want with the least impact on internal resources, development teams and budget.


Certified to the highest standards including PCI DSS Level 1 and with ISO 27001 pending. Control your payment infrastructure with a next generation, future-proof solution.


Our flexible technology and expert team provide assistance where you need it. We can support your growth whether you need full product development or just a technical refresh of an existing service.

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