Introducing 1derful.

1derful was born out of a passion to transform the product, user experience and delivery of financial services.

Our brand is in servicing yours.

1derful delivers exclusively on a B2B basis. Our passion, experience and expertise goes beyond delivering a solution that merely fits commercial or technical requirements.

Our Mission

To enable brands of all sizes to provide their customers with financial services products without ever needing a bank, opening new revenue streams, cementing the loyalty of their customer base and enhancing their brand.

Our Vision

To become one of the most influential and iconic financial brands of the 21st century by transforming the way the world interacts with money and by pioneering a radically new banking model that makes your consumers better off, every day.

Our executive team.

Our technology and delivery capability is driven by our commitment to innovation, with nearly 200 years of industry experience across the leadership team.
Profile picture of Luke Bunbury
Luke Bunbury
CEO & Co-Founder
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Luke is a seasoned financial services executive, having spent much of his 30+ year career involved in various aspects of retail financial services.
Profile picture of Katarina Novakovic
Katarina Novakovic
CRO & Co-Founder
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With over 20 years experience in retail financial services, Kat has advised established banking institutions and digital FinTech startups both across all facets of retail card and payment solutions delivery. ​
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Zoran Novakovic
Head of Commercial Partnerships
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Zoran developed a 25 year career in financial services working with two leading global banks, first Citigroup followed by Morgan Stanley and holds a Bachelor of Business from UTS and a Masters of Business Administration from the MGSM. ​
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Jo Hollis
Head of Fintech
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Jo has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. Starting out as a graduate at Deutsche Bank, she stayed in merchant banking for many years in Auckland, Sydney and London.​ In New Zealand she became a consultant in payments and finance, before moving in to more senior roles in the cards' space.  She has worked on all sides of cards – processor, acquirer and issuer.  
Profile picture of Richard Wilburn
Richard Wilburn
Chief Technology Officer
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Richard started his technology journey at the age of 8 when he learned to create computer games. His passion for all things tech has continued unabated, and now brings 15 years of experience across fintech. Richard is particularly proud of his experience in the US, Australian, New Zealand and UK markets being part of a team that delivered over 5,000 mobile banking apps.
Profile picture of Anthony McEntee
Anthony McEntee
Head of Product and Operations
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Anthony brings 7 years of cards product delivery experience and a further 10 years of operational experience to 1derful. He is incredibly passionate about delivering customer value through maximizing the potential across people, process and technology and has a history of delivering innovative solutions in the financial services space.