Our executive team

Luke Bunbury

CEO & Co-Founder

Luke is a seasoned financial services executive having spent much his 30+ year career involved in various aspects of retail financial services. From the early days at Citibank working in the retail credit cards business through to a long period at St George Bank again with responsibility for credit cards (amongst other product portfolios). ​

Luke also spent time running marketing, segmentation, strategy and data analytics. Luke has a passion for disruption and innovation and after a stint establishing various ventures he came back to financial services as a co-founder of Volt Bank. Not content with the pace of change Luke built a team to establish 1derful and the rest is history in the making.

Katarina Novakovic

CRO - Co-Founder

With over 20 years experience in retail financial services, Kat has advised established banking institutions and digital FinTech startups both domestically and internationally across all facets of retail card and payment solutions delivery. ​

Kat has a passion for the interaction between the law and technology and has designed and implemented product and platform solutions focused on the needs of the retail customer. Her expertise includes legal, regulatory, risk and compliance and was a lead advisor in the establishment of several banking institutions and digital start-ups during the course of her career.

Zoran Novakovic

Head of Commerical Partnerships

Zoran developed a 25 year career in financial services working with two leading global banks, first Citigroup followed by Morgan Stanley and holds a Bachelor of Business from UTS and a Masters of Business Administration from the MGSM. ​

His vast career and academic experiences have taught him the importance of collaboration and cultivating strong relationships and have provided him with the determination to overcome obstacles, to think outside the square and challenge the status quo. ​

Zoran is excited about helping 1derful build truly differentiated and low-cost business models stretching blue ocean horizons, businesses that are agile, lean and difficult to imitate, underpinned by innovation and technology to ensure growth and sustainability, and better customer outcomes.

Jo Hollis

Head of Fintech

Jo has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years.  Starting out as a graduate at Deutsche Bank, she stayed in merchant banking for many years in Auckland, Sydney and London.​

On her return to New Zealand she became a consultant in payments and finance, before moving in to more senior roles in the cards' space.  She has worked on all sides of cards – processor, acquirer and issuer.  ​

Leading the task of bringing to market three new Mastercard products as well as managing a migration from an existing cards' platform to a Mastercard scheme card.

Richard Wilburn


Richard started his technology journey at the age of 8 when he learnt to create computer games and his passion for all things tech has continued unabated. He brings 15 years of experience across fintech and loyalty to 1derful. Richard is particularly proud of his experience in the US, Australian, New Zealand and UK markets being part of a team that delivered over 5,000 mobile banking apps. When he is not spending time with his two children, he is usually renovating his house or cooking. ​

Technology wise, Richard is an avid reader of what's coming next, whether that be in topics as diverse as blockchain, AI and privacy.


Head of Product and Operations

Anthony brings 7 years of cards product delivery experience and a further 10 years of operational experience to 1derful. He is incredibly passionate about delivering customer value through maximizing the potential across people, process and technology and has a history of delivering innovative solutions in the financial services space.  ​

Starting his career in collections and hardship management he’s always been close to the customer voice. This has come in handy during the delivery of multiple cutting edge application experiences. ​

He also has extensive experience in process improvement, automation and technology, having built a Robotic Process Automation centre of excellence from scratch.