Conditions of Use

These Conditions of Use govern the way in which you can use the credit card issued by 1derful Pty Ltd ACN 636 589 538 (1derful)/us/we/our).

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions are provided by 1derful. These Conditions of Use govern the use of the Card. Please read them carefully and keep a copy for your records. 

The Card has been made available to you for use in connection with the Customer and must only be used for business purposes authorised by the Customer.

2. Card Issuer

1derful is a principal member of Mastercard and is the issuer of the Card. 

By signing the back of the Card, adding the Card to your digital wallet or using the Card, you agree to be bound by these Conditions of Use and are entering into a binding legal contract with 1derful. 

You can contact 1derful during business hours from anywhere in Australia by: 

Mail: 1derful Pty Ltd
PO Box 3471
Wareemba NSW 2046


3. Product Distributor and Manager

PTRN Pty Ltd trading as Paytron ACN 640 777 073 (Paytron) is, or will be authorised under an agreement with 1derful to act as the product distributor and manager for the Card. Paytron will provide some cardholder services to you, such as arranging for replacement Cards in accordance with these Conditions of Use and helping you with any queries you might have about using your Card. 

You can contact Paytron during business hours from anywhere in Australia by:

Mail: Level 5, 11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000


4. Paytron's Limited Authority 

Paytron is not the Card issuer and does not have the authority to:

(a) Tell you anything about the Card that is inconsistent with the information in these Conditions of Use; 

(b) Give you financial product advice (that is, a recommendation or statement of opinion intended or that could be reasonably regarded as being intended to influence you in making a decision) about the Card; and

(c) Do anything else on 1derful's behalf, other than marketing, arranging for the issue of and providing customer services for the Card.

If you have been given financial product advice by Paytron or anyone apparently purporting to act on 1derful's behalf, or have received inconsistent advice to these Conditions of Use, you should only rely on what is in these Conditions of Use. In accordance with the terms of Paytron's agreement with 1derful, 1derful may, by notice to you, require that some or all rights held by Paytron under these Conditions of Use will be held by 1derful, and/or some or all obligations you have to Paytron under these Conditions of Use will be in favour of 1derful. If such notice is provided, any reference to Paytron in these Conditions of Use is replaced with 1derful as the context requires.  

5. Cardholder Authority

You represent and warrant to 1derful and Paytron that:

(a) you are an employee of the Customer; and

(b) you have been duly authorised and permitted by the Customer to become a Cardholder. 

6. Queries or Disputes

(a) If you have a query about the Card, you should initially direct the query to Paytron. 

(b) If you have complaint or dispute about the provision of the Card by 1derful, the Customer must first Contact 1derful on the following contact by phone on: e:

(c) If the complaint is not satisfactory resolved within twenty (20) business days, you should address the complaint in writing to: [1derful address for written complaints].

(d) If you remain unsatisfied with the decision or response made by 1derful in reply to a complaint, you are entitled to have your complaint heard by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) which is an independent, external dispute resolution body. AFCA can be contacted by the following means: 

Mail: Australian Financial Complaints Authority, GPO Box 3 Melbourne VIC 3001

T: 1800 931 678

F: +61 3 9613 6399


(e) You may also contact the The Australian Securities and Investments Commission on 1300 300 630 to make a complaint and obtain information about the Customer's rights.

(f) If the complaint or dispute relates to a transaction and we ultimately form the view that the transaction was an incorrect charge to the Customer's account, we will adjust the Customer's account accordingly. 

7. Provision of Credit

The Credit Limit is determined by an agreement between 1derful and the Customer.  

8. The Card

(a) Your Card may be branded with standard 1derful branding or the branding of a third party. Please note, the branding on your Card does not in any way affect the terms and conditions relating to the Card set out in these Conditions of Use. These Conditions of Use apply to your Card regardless of how it is branded.

(b) The Card is a Mastercard Credit Card and you are able to use the credit provided to the Customer by 1derful through the Card.

(c) The Card allows purchases to be made wherever Mastercard Credit Cards are honoured for electronic transactions if a sufficient Available Balance exists for the amount of the transaction.

(d) The Card is not a facility by which 1derful takes other deposits from you or the Customer. There is no interest payable to you on the credit balance on the Card.

(e) The Card remains the property of 1derful and you must surrender the Card to us if we ask for it to be surrendered.

(f) Interest, fees, charges and commissions will apply to the Card and transactions as set out in the Fee Schedule and in the customer card agreement between the Customer, Paytron and 1derful relating to the Card. 

9. Using the Card

(a) You must register as the Cardholder of your Card. You may be required to provide certain information to 1derful to enable 1derful to meet all of its legal requirements in providing the Card to you. Once satisfied, 1derful will issue the Card to you in its sole discretion. 

(b) The Card can be used anywhere Mastercard Credit Cards are accepted to pay for goods and services, including online purchase transactions. Some merchants may choose not to accept Mastercard Credit Cards.

(c) When using your Card in person at a retailer select “Credit”. You may need to enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

(d) You must only use the Card for business purposes and must not use the Card for private, domestic and household purposes. 

(e) You agree not to make or attempt to make transactions that exceed the Available Balance. Paytron may charge the Customer a fee for attempting to make a transaction that exceeds the Available Balance in accordance with the Fee Schedule.

(f) 1derful may restrict or stop the use of the Card:

(i) if excessive uses of the Card or other suspicious activities are noticed;

(ii) you cease to be authorised by the Customer or cease to be an employee of the Customer; 

(iii) the Customer has asked us to restrict or stop your use of the Card; or

(iv) we reasonably suspect any of the above has occurred or will occur. 

(g) Some transactions may need to be authorised by us. The merchant or person involved in the transaction may ask for our authorisation before processing the payment. We are not obliged to authorise the transaction, but we will only refuse if in our reasonable opinion, there is a good reason to. 

(h) You cannot “stop payment” on any transaction after it has been completed. If you have a problem with a purchase made with the Card, or a dispute with a merchant, you must deal directly with the merchant involved. If you cannot resolve the dispute with the merchant, you should contact 1derful. You should not, in any circumstances, contact Mastercard.

(i) If you are entitled to a refund for any reason relating to a Card transaction, you agree to accept the refund under the policy of that specific merchant. Refunds may be in the form of a credit to the Card, cash refund or in store credit.  If the Card is expired or revoked before you have spent any value loaded to the Card resulting from a refund (whether or not the original transaction being  refunded  was made using the Card) then you will have no access to those funds.

(j) We are not liable in any way when an authorisation is declined for any particular transaction regardless of reason.

(k) If you permit someone else to use the Card, you will be responsible for any transactions initiated by that person with the Card.

9.2 Digital Wallets

(a) Where you have a compatible electronic device and digital wallet software, we may, in our absolute discretion, permit the Card to be added to and used through a digital wallet that we support. To add a card to a digital wallet, you will need to meet our identification and verification requirements. This may include SMS two factor authentication or such other security measures required by us. 

(b) Your liability for transactions made through any digital wallet is the same as if using a physical Card itself. 

(c) You must ensure that a Card is only added to a digital wallet on a device owned by you and in your possession. 

(d) You must immediately notify us if you suspect or become aware of any person having access to your digital wallet other than you. 

(e) We may suspend use of a Card on a digital wallet at any time. 

(f) The digital wallets we support may change from time to time at our discretion. 

9.3 Limitations on Use of Card

The following limitations apply to the Card:

(a) The Card may not be used for, and authorisation may be declined for:

(i) any illegal transactions or purposes; 

(ii) use in any country that we determine to be a "restricted country"; 

(iii) transactions that may contravene any applicable Laws or breach any sanctions; 

(iv) transactions relating to any form of gambling or gambling services and the purchase of money orders.; and

(v) any other reasons advised by Paytron from time to time. 

(b) When using the Card with some merchants (e.g. rental cars & hotels) or for mail order purchases, Card “tolerance limits” may apply. This means the merchant may obtain an authorisation or approval on the Card for an amount up to 20% or more than the total bill (or anticipated bill) to cover additional items such as tips and incidentals or to ensure that adequate funds are available to cover the final purchase. The entire amount of the authorisation or approval will be debited and will not form part of the available Card balance until the authorisation or approval clears, although only the amount actually spent or authorised will be finally deducted from the Credit Limit after the authorisation or approval clears.

(c) Some retailers may choose not to accept Mastercard Credit Cards.

9.4 Foreign Transactions

(a) All transactions made in a currency other than Australian dollars (regardless of wherever the transaction takes place) will be converted into Australian currency at an exchange rate determined by us. Each conversion will also be subject to a foreign transaction fee. For a full listing of fees and charges please refer to the Fee Schedule. 

(b) Where a refund is processed to you in currency other than Australian dollars (regardless of wherever the transaction takes place), the refund will be converted into Australian currency at an exchange rate determined by us and credited to the Customer's account. The Customer will be liable for any difference in the amount charged and the amount refunded. 

(c) You must comply with all applicable tax and exchange control laws in relation to the use of your Cards. You unconditionally and irrevocably indemnify us against any loss, liability, charges, fees, or costs arising from your failure to comply with such laws. 

(d) Some retailers or overseas merchants may also charge a surcharge for making a transaction on the Card. You will not be able to dispute any surcharge once you have confirmed the transaction. 

10. PIN

(a) Your PIN can be set on the Paytron App or by contacting Paytron. 

(b) Should an incorrect PIN be entered three times when a transaction is attempted using the Card, the Card will be suspended. You can contact Paytron to have the Card unblocked and the card will be available for use from the next day once unblocked. 

(c) You must not disclose your PIN to any other person.

11. PIN Reset

Your PIN can be reset through the Paytron App by following the relevant prompt or by contacting Paytron and providing the information requested by Paytron from time to time. 

12. Security

(a) The security of your Card, PIN, details of the Card, and mobile device (or other electronic equipment to which your Card may be attached) is very important. Anyone who has access to any of these could perform transactions in connection with the Card. The requirements set out below are intended to help prevent unauthorised or fraudulent transactions being made with the Card. If you do not comply with these requirements, you could be liable for an Unauthorised Transaction.

(b) You must make sure that you keep the Card, Identifiers and any PINs safe and secure. The precautions we require you to take (Security Requirements) are set out below.

(i) You must: 

(A) Where you receive a physical card, sign your Card immediately when you receive it;

(B) Memorise your PIN and never store it with or near your Card;

(C) Never write your PIN on your Card;

(D) Never lend your Card to anyone or allow anyone else to use the Card;

(E) Never communicate your PIN;

(F) Not use a numeric code for your PIN which represents your date of birth; 

(G) ensure that you protect all electronic devices to which the Card may be linked to or used on from viruses and you must maintain passwords, screen locks or facial identification as available or other biometric authentication;

(H) interfere with any magnetic stripe or integrated circuit on the Card;

(I) Try to prevent anyone else seeing you enter your PIN into an ATM or payment terminal;

(J) Never leave your Card unattended, e.g. in your car or at work;

(K) Immediately report the loss, theft or unauthorised use of your Card to Paytron; 

(L) Examine your account statement online to identify and report, as soon as possible, any instances of unauthorised use; and

(M) For security reasons, on the expiry date destroy your Card by cutting it diagonally in half.

13. Loss, Theft and Misuse of Cards

(a) If you know or have reason to suspect that:

(i) the Card is lost or stolen or damaged;

(ii) you have not received a replacement Card; 

(iii) the Card is likely to be misused; 

(iv) a mobile device on which you can make payments from has been lost or stolen; or

(v) you have reason to suspect that someone else may know the PIN or Identifiers, 

you must immediately notify Paytron. We will then suspend the relevant Card to restrict further use.

(b) You may be required to confirm details of the loss, theft or misuse in writing (and to provide particular information in the confirmation) and you must comply with that requirement.

(c) If any lost Card or mobile device is subsequently found, the Card must not be used unless 1derful confirms it may be used.

(d) If you unreasonably delay in notifying Paytron that you suspect that the Card is lost or stolen or damaged, likely to be misused or you have reason to suspect that someone else may know the PIN or Identifiers, then you may be liable for Unauthorised Transactions. 

(e) You are liable for any loss that is a result of your fraudulent conduct. 

14. Card Expiry

(a) The Card is valid until the expiry date shown on it.

(b) Your Card cannot be used after expiry. You cannot access any credit extended to you on the expired Card unless a replacement Card is issued to you.

(c) We may issue you with a replacement Card if requested by you at any time after expiry and provided you have registered your details with us, including your name and Australian address. We reserve the right not to issue a replacement Card to you, in which case we will terminate our credit contract with you. A replacement Card fee may apply (see the fees and charges in these Conditions of Use).

15. Replacement Cards

(a) You can request Paytron to arrange for you to be provided with a replacement Card by 1derful. A replacement Card fee may apply.

(b) A replacement Card will be arranged after you notify us that your Card is misused, lost or stolen in accordance and the misused, lost or stolen Card has been blocked. You may need to register and activate the new Card.

16. Card Revocation and Cancellation

(a) We may revoke the Card at any time without cause and prior notice. If we ask you to, you must surrender or destroy the revoked Card and you must not use the revoked Card. When you surrender the Card, you must give us your correct name and contact address.

(b) You may ask for the Card to be cancelled at any time. If you ask for the Card to be cancelled and we ask you to, you must surrender or destroy the cancelled Card and you must not use the cancelled Card.

(c) Charges made to your Card may be refused by us. 

17. Liabilities and Disclaimers

(a) We are not liable for any loss of profits or any incidental, indirect, consequential, punitive or special damages regardless of how they arise, and any loss, liability, cost, fees, charges, claims or suits in connection with:  

(i) through no fault of their own, the available balance on the Card is not enough to cover a transaction;

(ii) a terminal or system does not work properly;

(iii) circumstances beyond 1derfuls control prevents a transaction, despite any reasonable precautions having been taken by us;

(iv) any failure occurs due to events outside our reasonable control;

(v) any industrial dispute occurs;

(vi) any payment terminal refuses to or is unable to accept the Card;

(vii) the way in which any refusal to accept the Card is communicated;

(viii) any indirect, special or consequential losses;

(ix) any infringement by you of any currency laws in the country where the Card is issued or used;

(x) any dispute between you and the supplier of any goods or services purchased with the Card arises;

(xi) our taking any action required by any government, federal or state law or regulation or court order; 

(xii) anything specifically excluded or limited elsewhere in these Conditions of Use; 

(b) You are not liable for any loss caused by the failure of a system or equipment provided by any party to a shared electronic network to complete a transaction accepted by the system or equipment in accordance with your instructions.

(c) However, if you were aware, or should have been aware, that the system or equipment was unavailable or malfunctioning, our responsibility will be limited to:

(i) correcting any errors; and

(ii) refunding any charges or fees imposed as a result.

(d) If any warranties or conditions are implied because of Part 2 of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 or any similar law in respect of services supplied under these Conditions of Use or in connection with the Card, then our liability for a breach of such a warranty or condition will in any event be limited to:

(i) the supplying of the services again; or

(ii) the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again. We:

(A) do not make or give any express or implied warranty or representation in connection with the Card (including the Card type, quality or standard of fitness for any purpose); and

(B) are not liable for any loss you suffer (including indirect or consequential loss) arising in connection with the Card (whether a failure to provide the Card or its loss, theft or destruction).

(e) All conditions, warranties or other terms implied by law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations

(f) Any failure or delay to enforce a term of these Conditions of Use does not mean a waiver of them.

18. Privacy and Information Collection

(a) 1derful and Paytron, (in this Privacy Statement referred to as “we”), collect your Personal Information so that we can establish and administer the Card provided to you. We may also use your Personal Information to tell you about products and services offered by us or our affiliate companies and to conduct customer satisfaction surveys to improve our products and services.

(b) 1derful is also required by the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 to collect Personal Information to identify you and verify your identity.

(c) Without your information we cannot make the Card available to you.

(d) If you provide us with Personal Information about someone else, you should ensure that you  are  authorised  to  do  so  and  agree  to  inform  that person  of the contents of this notice.

(e) We may exchange your Personal Information with each other and with third parties in the normal operations of our business, for example with our corporate partners and affiliates, related companies and agents, government agencies, service providers (such as auditors, IT support and mailing houses) and with providers of services which relate to anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing and for the prevention of crime, legal compliance and detection of fraud. If you owe us money, we may also exchange your information with entities such as lawyers and debt collectors We also disclose your Personal Information overseas to countries as detailed in our Privacy Policy. 

(f) By purchasing the Card you consent to us collecting, using and disclosing your Personal Information under these Conditions of Use in the manner described above.

(g) Our Privacy Policies sets out how you can access and correct information we hold about you, how you can complain about a breach by us of your privacy rights and how your complaint will be handled.

(h) Our Privacy Policies are available at:

(i) You may contact 1derful's Privacy Officer in relation to your Personal Information (or to opt out of marketing) on

19. Communications

You agree that we may give written notices or other communications to you under or in connection with these Conditions of Use either:

(a) by writing to you at your residential or postal address last known to us;

(b) by giving it to you personally or leaving it at your residential or postal address last known to us;

(c) by electronic communication to your email address or fax number last known to us or which you last gave us for sending notices and communications to you; or

(d) if the notice or communication is not personal to you – by publishing a notice in a newspaper circulating nationally in Australia or by posting it to the Website.

If we give a notice or other communication to you by email, the content of the notice or communication may be:

(e) set out in the body of the email;

(f) included as an electronic document attached to the email; or

(g) made available at the 1derful Website for retrieval by you.

20. Changes to these Conditions of Use

(a) We may change these Conditions of Use at any time. A change may:

(i) change the fees payable under these Conditions of Use or bring in new fees;

(ii) change the Credit Limit; 

(iii) bring in new Conditions of Use;

(iv) alter these Conditions of Use in some other way.

(b) Paytron will notify you in advance of most changes through the Paytron App or in writing. 

(c) However, changes necessitated by an immediate need to restore or maintain the security of the system in which the Card is used can be made subject to the law without prior notice.

(d) We can give advance notice of a change by:

(i) publishing it in a notice or advertisement in a major daily newspaper distributed in Australia; or

(ii) placing it on the Paytron Website or Paytron App; or

(iii) letter or circular; or

(iv) communicating the change to you by any of the means set out in clause 19 above; or

(v) using another method that the law allows or requires us to use.

21. The Website

Although considerable effort is expended to make the Paytron Website and any other operating communication channels available at all times,  no  warranty  is  given  that these channels will be available and error free every minute of every day.

22. Governing Law

Any legal questions concerning these Conditions of Use, or the Card will be decided under the laws of New South Wales, Australia.


23. Definitions 

Account means the Customer's account with 1derful to which the Card is linked.

Available Balance means the amount (if any) by which the Credit Limit exceeds the current outstanding transactions, fees and charged in respect of the Account, together with any positive credit as a result of a prior overpayment by the Customer. 

ATM Automated Teller Machine

BPAY Means BPAY Pty Limited – the BPAY® electronic payment service.

Business Day means any weekday when 1derful is open for business in any State or territory of Australia. If 1derful is closed in all States and Territories then that day will not be a business day.

Card means the 1derful MasterCard Credit Card made accessible to you. 

Card Expiry Date The expiry date printed on the Card.

Card Statement A statement of transactions completed with your Card.

Credit Limit means the credit limit determined by 1derful in connection with the Account.

Customer means the Customer named as such in the Paytron App. 

Electronic Communication means a message which is sent to you and which you receive electronically, in a form that you can retain for later reference such as by printing or by storing for later display.

Electronic Transaction A transaction initiated (or apparently initiated) by your instruction to:

(a) Withdraw cash from an ATM in conjunction with the use of the Card and your PIN;

(b) Purchase goods and/or services at a merchant using the Card and your PIN

(c) Make a payment to a merchant using the internet or phone using your card number and any associated card verification code if required

Fee Schedule means the schedule of fees disclosed to you and the Customer through the Paytron App and/or the Paytron Website. 

Identifier means information that you know but are not required to keep secret and which you must provide to perform a transaction (for example, a Card number).

Pass Code means a password or code that You must keep secret, that we may be required to authenticate your identity or a transaction. Examples include your  PIN and any access code required to allow online access to your Card details.

Payment Cut-Off Time means with respect to a Banking Business Day, 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Paytron App means a software application operated by Paytron, which inter alia, interacts with the operation, or Cardholder’s use, of the Card. 

Paytron Website means

Personal Information means information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database), whether true or not and whether recorded in a material form or not, about you when your identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from the information or opinion.

PIN The four digit personal identification number which we issue to you to access some of the Card services, including withdrawing cash from an ATM. 

Unauthorised Transaction means a transaction not authorised by you, but does not include any transaction carried out by you or by anyone performing the transaction with your knowledge and consent.

You or Cardholder means a person who has been (or is to be) issued with a Card.